The climate mountain

The Hinteregger family business including the Hinteregger family hotel at Katschberg is dedicated with all our heart not only to tourism, but also to nature at Katschberg.
Lifts, cars, hotels and restaurants are responsible for the environment at Katschberg.
We are the first tourism region in the world to reduce CO2 greenhouse gas emissions with immediate effect and have signed a catalog of measures for this purpose at Katschberg.
Water and nutrient reservoirs are filled up with climate soil! This climate soil is applied on ski slopes and ensures the best growth of herbs and plants in the raised beds at Katschberg.

We want to use the climate mountain to make students, guests, and locals the godparents of a healthy tourist mountain for all our futures.

We support:

  • Climate soil for the ground and growth
  • Herb and vegetable hikes
  • Colonies of bees at Katschberg for the honey and wild meadow flowers
  • Planting trees
  • Attractive vacation offers with low CO2 emissions
  • Cooking and baking courses at Katschberg
  • Arrival by train – voucher for €50
  • E-mopeds
  • E-bikes
  • E-scooters
  • E- trails

Become a part of our climate philosophy and support our intact nature with us through your membership and through the careful use of our valuable resources.
Inquire or book your vacation at the Hinteregger family hotel at Katschberg and soon you will be able to experience the highlights of the Katschberg climate mountain for yourself.